Autism Mommy Intro

Hello Everyone! My name is Marilyn. I am a mom of three beautiful, energetic, loving children. Bruce, 2 Sophia, 3 Jacob, 7. Jacob is on the spectrum for Autism, which, as many of you probably know can be very complicating yet rewarding to deal with. I am starting this blog to not only try to help others but to learn from each other as well. I want to be able to hear opinions, stories, experiences, and reccomendations from everyone! (Without judgement being involved) I am not an expert on this by any means, but I have a passion to help my son live the best, “normal” life that I can possibly give him because, he deserves it just as much as anyone. My goal is to also raise awareness for Autism Foundations and awareness for those who maybe “on the fence” or “in denial” that something may actually be wrong with their child, just as I was for many years! Each week, I plan to share my trials and tribulations that we face and accomplish in everyday life. Having 3 children who love to run around, play games and let out energy everyday, I try my best to do as many activities as possible each day with them. So, some activities can be quite challenging! I not only want to share ideas of activities but also share ways to try and get through them stress-free (if possible!) Having Autism can really affect many aspects of life that a lot of people do not quite understand as well. Diet, meltdowns, anxiety, shouting, sensory issues, just to name a few. I will be touching on all those topics and hoping to expand on each one as we all relate and compare our experiences with one another. I look forward to beginning this new journey with all of those out there who are just as eager and hopeful to provide anything and everything they can for those who need just a little extra push doing so!! Please feel free to share with anyone that maybe interested in learning, venting and sharing this journey with me!